5 Ways to Fund A Real Estate Purchase

If you are dreaming about owning a house like everybody else out there, it is important that you fully understand certain financial considerations, which are to be taken into account while you are at the stage of contemplating, choosing, and embracing the stage of homeownership.  You might be purchasing your first home, or maybe you have already done it before for your primary residence or investment purposes or for vacation home. For all of these purposes, funds are necessary. There are several options and, some depends, on your credit, the type of property. So, with that thought in your head, go through this article as this will examine and review five ways to fund a real estate investment.

Personal funds: Most of the people either have accumulated funds by selling another house, investments, Personal business earnings, etc, and use these to pay cash for the property they plan to purchase. Few home sellers seek these types of buyers because they often proceed with fewer hassles and other delays that might occur when there is a mortgage involved.

Family and friends: often, for the first homeowners, financing a house and thus owning a House is challenging, because most mortgages require a down-payment and with the ever-increasing price of real estate i

n many regions is Difficult. Therefore, many seek alternative approaches. Often a young couple turns either one or both the parents for help. Otherwise, we seek close friends for help.

Financing through a seller: although it happens more often in commercial property or sales or professional practices, we often witness seller financing used to make a deal work.


Conventional mortgage: a conventional mortgage is acquired usually from either a mortgage banker or broker. This is the most common way. People buy their homes usually when someone puts down a down-payment and finances the balance. A conventional loan is usually for a team that ranges from about 15 to 40 years and the individual pays a fixed fare for the duration.

Hard money:  is similar to private money, but instead of coming from an individual, the funding comes from a hard money lender. The term “hard money” is fitting because the lenders use the lenders to use the hard asset to secure the loan. Hard-money loans are short-terms= loans, most often used by borrowers who buy to fix up and flip. Typically, you will get hard money to cover 70-80% of the property’s purchase price before rehab, so the lenders must be confident that property is worth more than the loan.


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