A Guide to Caring for Pet Chameleons
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A Guide to Caring for Pet Chameleons

How to lead a fun with life? Chameleons are fascinating pets. You need to care for the high maintenance to keep them happy and healthy. Proper care involves setting up, maintaining enclosure appropriate, and caring for the basic needs that they have. In addition to a clean and controlled environment, chameleons need regular nutrition and proper health care. If you can manage all of this, your chameleon is likely to live a healthy life.

Setting up your chameleon’s home

Purchase or build a reptarium. It is usually a glass tank, it can be a mesh top or wire cage on it.

Chameleons are solitary animals, and they don’t like other chameleons. So set a reptarium for each chameleon. Make sure there is a lot of space for growing chameleons.

Put plants and climbing limbs in the cage

You can use real plants or fake plants to keep your new pets comfortable. They can be placed in real or bogus trees that are convenient to climb to the top of the cage. Veiled chameleons will need more plants than others.

Place a heat lamp made for reptarium on the top of the tank. This will allow the chameleon to come up to get in the heat if it wants some warmth.

If you like to install a moisture system in the reptarium, you can install it. You can mist your chameleon’s home. Line the bottom of the reptarium with newspaper or paper towels. This is because they absorb the animal’s waste.

Feeding your chameleon

Food crickets commonly purchased for chameleons. For your chameleon can also buy other insects like wax worms, meal worms, super worms, flies, moths, and grasshoppers. These will give the chameleon a balanced diet.

The crickets need to be fed a nutritious diet. Crickets help your chameleon get the nutrients it needs. Crickets should be covered in calcium powder. This helps the chameleon get its calcium when it eats the bug. Feed your chameleon a cricket or two every day. Replace one of the crickets with another insect once every few days. It will stir its mind and give it something new to hunt.

Keeping your chameleon healthy

Keeping your chameleon healthyMeasure the humidity level in the daily bracket with a hydrometer. Make sure the humidity level doesn’t increase or decrease.

Spray or mist your chameleon daily. You can spray water on the leaves using a spray bottle in your enclosures. It increases the humidity and helps your chameleon drink as well. Establish a relationship with a veterinarian who treats reptiles.

Clean the tank lightly every day. Eliminate excess food at the bottom of the cage daily to prevent parasites and bacteria from forming. Replace wet bedding. Remove any stool matter found on the bedding surface.

Clean your chameleon’s tank from top to bottom every week. Create a cleaning solution using a cup of warm water and a dish soap. Spray it on walls, floors, and fake plants and rocks to remove any fecal matter and urine. Use a paper towel to clean and dry of all surfaces.

Keep an eye out for signs of illness. If so, consult a veterinarian immediately.