Best ways to body building with Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Best ways to body building with Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

When you look for the best ways to bodybuilding, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells seem to play the safest and most reliable part. Your exercises can be performed at home. You are able to fix your own convenient timing, rather than having to rush your time according to the gym center clock and ntaifitness equipment for sale, you can teach yourself on “how to” procedures and you save on recurring expenses on your exercises.


design of the systemThe design of the system may look complex when you look at it for the first time. As you start working with it, you will be able to unlock the secrets and use the machine most effectively. The overall design is so flexible that it allows:

  1. 30 dumbbell replacements. An automated dial feature makes it possible to have varying weights between 2.27Kg (5-LB) to 23.8Kg (52.5-LB) in a single machine.
  2. Gradual increment in weight according to your body stamina and fitness improvements.
  3. Saving on space. You don’t have the burden of maintaining individual sets of regular dumbbells any longer.
  4. Ease of metal-plate adjustments. Smooth and noiseless operations make weight changing hassle-free.
  5. Uniform effects on all the muscles and nerves in your body.  You can choose for harder exercises or select lighter ones like curls to keep the burden on your body lighter.


The advanced-weight-management technology used by Bowflex does not depend on gravitational forces. The weight-locking and other internal systems help in removing inertia. Hence, you will be provided with a competitive edge internal systems help in removing inertiaover using traditional methods of exercising.


  1. Stronger muscles development within the fixed time period. When you went to gyms and sweated it out, your initial results seemed very much in line with your expectations. After a few days, you tend to get relaxed and discontinue your exercises. Then you will obviously find yourself back in the same position when you started. However, with Bowflex, your experience will be entirely different.
    1. The way in which the machine builds muscles is irreversible.
    2. Besides strengthening muscles, it brings flexibility to muscles and body nerves.
    3. There are no known harmful side effects like muscle-pulls, tear out and other critical injuries while exercising, as long as you follow the simple instructions given in the manual.
  2. Lean body. A lean and flexible boy is an assured result. You are burning your unhealthy fat and converting into useful energy. Since the fat burning and conversion happens in stages, it is said to be non-reversible.
  3. Enhanced energy levels. Since you increase your weights gradually, your muscles get ample time to get conditioned to each category. While doing so, they are inherently developing a characteristic to store energy within them. This energy can be used for pumping your exercise levels further.
  4. Near zero joint-pain. This is one of the most critical advantages you enjoy. Your body’s muscular and tissue joints would gradually get conditioned to the exercising. Hence, the possibility of joint-pains is reduced to near zero now.
  5. Bone-density increase. This is made possible by the uniform balancing of weights on both sides of the machine. This ensures that expanding and contracting parts of your bones is able to increase the bone density. That means the calcium and other mineral levels within your body is maintained at highly effective levels.
  6. Increases the metabolic activities. Your digestive and excretory systems are brought to a highly efficient working condition. Your acidity, indigestion, constipation, and other health problems are eliminated forever.
  7. Improved blood circulation and oxygen supplies to your body and muscles. When your muscles and tissues are able to absorb more oxygen, the concentration levels of toxic-elements are reduced dramatically.
  8. Freedom from frequent cramps. When you start exercising regularly, the muscles produce a sufficient quantity of lubricants with them. This also results in the flexibility of tissues. Hence your body does not get joint-cramps any longer.


A certain set of precautions have to be taken while using the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Do not

  1. let the machine fall on hard surfaces
  2. try to repair the machine independently
  3. open critical assembly parts
  4. Let children below 14 access the machine for safety purposes.


If you are able to work your exercises and maintain the machine out in accordance with the manual, you can be assured of long machine life and enhanced fitness for you.