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    The deliberations of pursuing an MBA degree are prevalent among Business Administration (BBA) students. People have diverse opinions concerning the topic, but at the end of the day, you are the one who should decide the path. The direct answer to the question is that it is beneficial as it opens up new avenues of career growth.

    The following article lists out the benefits of pursuing an MBA degree after a BBA.

    Work to Gain Experience

    The job opportunities for Business Administration graduates are several. The fact is that business administration graduates during the initial stages of his/her career cannot expect lucrative salaries and promotions. Yet, it helps you obtain the skills needed to handle several issues.

    The job provides you with the experience of working along with other industry experts. It also helps you acquire skills to handle organizational and management problems, which shapes your entire personality.

    Choose PGDM

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a professional course that comprises of a syllabus that transforms you into industry-ready professionals. An MBA degree after a business administration course offers you the chance of being recruited at a top MNC with lucrative salary packages during campus interviews.

    Pros of acquiring an MBA after BBA are as follows,

    Improve Management Abilities and Strategies

    The degree makes you your boss. The program teaches you the marketing and financial skills required to run a successful business. The course equips you with knowledge of how to earn a positive image of the firm and maintain it during the stress. The management skill is needed to thrive in the national and international business scenario.

    High Paying Jobs

    MBA graduates earn more in comparison to BBA degree fresh pass out. The placement and salary rely on the reputation of the university you graduated. Top MBA colleges have closer connections with many reputed MNCs who conduct campus interviews for students.

    Start Your Business

    If you dream of entrepreneurship, then MBA is the right choice, as it implants with all business-related strategies and nuances. It gives you the communication skills needed to interact with investors or clients.

    The Specializations Fit your Goals

    Several universities and business schools create diverse MBA programs with different specializations that meet the current business trends. Some of them are,

    • General Management– it is the most-popular one, which helps to create an efficient and versatile business environment.
    • Finance– teaches Statistics, Data Analysis, and Accounting, and much more.
    • Marketing – helps to promote business products/services.
    • Strategic Management– get to know about business and back-up planning.

    Top Recruiting Companies

    A vast majority of MBA graduates hold senior managerial positions with high salary packages.

    Following are few top recruiters of MBA graduates,

    • Apple
    • Facebook
    • Microsoft
    • JP Morgan
    • Walt Disney
    • Amazon
    • Citigroup


    A Masters in Business Administration program provides you with the above skills and benefits. It provides you with knowledge of business processes, marketing, and management. It also trains you on how to be a leader and communicate persuasively, and make wise business decisions, which are critical in today’s business world. To be a future business leader, enrol now, which is one of the top MBA Colleges. The college offers the best and the most comprehensive MBA courses that help students to become successful professionals.


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    Is Architecture Art or Science?

    It is an art and a science. The balanced synthesis of creative sensibility and technical technique as it relates to the design of buildings and their surroundings is necessary for the development of large-scale architecture. Public Art is an example of an image projected and performed in the public sphere. The public domain applies to public sidewalks, parks, and the right-of-way, which is where the buildings are built. Architecture follows this definition. On a functional and emotional basis, we are impacted both by the way a building looks in its context and by its internal environment.

    Scientific methods are used by architects to study and establish ideas on a multitude of levels needed to construct structures. This includes knowing the environment from a cultural, geographical, stylistic, and facilities perspective and recognizing software areas for consumers, such as interior materials, structural, electronic, electrical, drainage, fire control, technical, and safety structures.

    Architecture makes use of technology. Engineering extends the results of research to variety of objects, from architecture to construction/craft. Architecture is mainly concerned with interactions, for the good, between persons, their emotions, their physiology, as they pass around spaces and systems built to suit their needs. Architects, to do this, should take their lead from scientific science (Particularly human behaviour science) much as engineers do with materials and processes. But this doesn’t mean architects are scientists or engineers. Architecture is more like an art than a science to be precise, it’s a kind of space sculpture, but with a big caveat that most artists don’t have to put up with. The best in architecture includes a significant component in sculpture, but any building needs technology to remain amid a multitude of powers that try to tear it down, to regulate the indoor environment, to keep the water out, and other environmental threats that try to tear it down.

    Architecture is an art-related work that involves knowledge of geometry, material science, and building codes. Architects sketch, plan, and even build scale models.

    A significant number of art-related occupations need additional skills. In a Studio for Art classes, people make architecture and interior design as a modality option. Consider the meaning of the term art: ability gained by experience, research, or observation.

    Remember the meaning of the term architecture: the art or the science of building; specifically: the art or process of planning and constructing buildings and, in particular, the habitable zones. If we look at the etymology or the past of our terms, the initial uses will shed light on our use now and could be somewhat broader than the sense and use of the term.


    All that serves a basis of values and imparts imagination may be considered art and science. Science talks of such principles that need to be met, while art encourages you to apply your creative software are one such sector that encourages you to be both an artist and the brain of a scientist. The School of Architecture is India’s leading architectural academy. If you’re looking to be an architect, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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    Costume Designers have many educational qualifications and, aspiring students can pursue undergraduate programs to excel in the field of Costume and Fashion Designing. An aspiring Costume Designer goes through proper schooling. That’s why you should consider College of Arts & Science. It is one of the best Arts and Science College. We offer B.Sc as well as M.Sc in Costume Design and Fashion. In addition to giving the training to make students job-ready and provide them design opportunities that will help them build connections. To get hands-on experience, we will assist and help you upskill yourself to achieve your dream to become a successful Costume Designer.

    A Costume Designer usually starts his/her journey as a Wardrobe Assistant or a Trainee. They need to showcase their portfolio in a diverse range of costumes designed by the students. A degree is recommended for the career.

    What skills do you need to become a Costume Designer:

    • Deep knowledge and admiration for clothing and fashion.
    • Freehand or Computer Drawing Skills.
    • Sewing and Good Communication Skills.

    The greater the experience and knowledge you have, the more you can grab the attention of the Recruiters. Aspiring Costume Designers take up a job whenever they can. Later on, they have the opportunity to specialize in film, theatre, or TV. If you work as an intern, you will get invaluable experience, and combined with your education degree and, it will develop your portfolio because wardrobes and outfits play an important role.

    Costume designers are supposed to do a close reading of the scripts and carefully analyze the story plot. After discussing with the director, writer, and production team, the designer will start researching the materials. Costume Designers are very imaginative, they should have a strong desire to learn and explore all around the world to understand different lifestyles. It is important to have extensive knowledge of fashion design. Designers work closely with the Production Designer to check the fittings with the stylings of the Production team. They manage the production process and ensure the deadlines are met on time.

    Opportunities for Costume Design:

    • Production Houses
    • Designer Stores
    • Freelancers
    • Films
    • Studios
    • High-End Fashion Labels

    Why is it so important?

    Creative integration among the Director, the Costume Designer, the setting, and lighting guarantees that costumes are designed smoothly. They are responsible for creating, designing the costumes for the characters in the film, production, or theatre. They search for the perfect material to fit the costumes.

    Costume Design offers you ultimate satisfaction when you watch other celebrities wear your art. You could also start your own business on a small scale, like starting your own designer boutique. For the ones who love traveling, a career as a Costume Designer can be very encouraging and promising. After they gain experience, they will move up to higher positions by taking more responsibility.

    If a student is interested in pursuing a Costume Design and Fashion degree to gain hands-on experience, they can apply at one of the best Arts and Science colleges. Get in touch with our Institution for further details.

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    Architecture (AR) is the study of past building environments along with the research of modern-day psychology and the environment. The study reveals the effect of AR on people from a new perspective.

    Building structures and space has a profound impact on people’s minds, moods, and life. The following write-up provides you with some viewpoints on how does AR impacts society.

    The significance of AR

    AR is not just the built environment, but it is also a part of our heritage. It is a reflection and representation of our self and world-view perspectives. Buildings provide shelter, but the styles depend on the availability of materials, and the climatic conditions, and societal values.

    The modern-day construction continues the notion of honouring the cultural nuances in the built environment, even though styles and connectivity of the world have evolved.

    AR and productivity

    The building space and the material finishes contribute significantly to the inhabitants’ health, mood, and productivity. People working in a well-designed space take fewer sick leaves, focus more, and as a result, display more productivity to their company.

    On the contrary, sterile, concrete, and not so well-designed spaces are the driving factors that cause stress. Cities with well-designed buildings create connections to nature that makes humans relaxed and happy.

    Moreover, walking into a space that gives the right feeling resonates with the individual’s subconscious level.

    AR and mood

    The nature of a building space can affect your mood. A dark expanse gives you shivers and dampens the mood. A brighter and a beautiful place receive admiration, appreciation, and joy from the occupants.

    Strolls in a city surrounded by mind-blowing AR fill us with joy, while dark, old AR makes us depressed.

    AR and health

    Several studies reveal that building can influence a person’s health as modern-day citizens spend ample time indoors. Research proves that visible light helps the human body to regulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns and digestion. The visible light also helps to regulate the production of the stress-suppressant neurotransmitter hormone, the serotonin.

    The Architect’s (AT) Role

    AR has connections with the field of psychology, sociology, economics, politics, history, and much more. The ATs make the client understand the community and environment of the project before getting started with drawing designs. ATs learn from the previous projects completed successfully. The architect creates the most loved spaces and buildings by implementing the knowledge and experience gathered.

    The architects’ profession has evolved significantly with access to global data and instantaneous communication. He/she can run projects on different continents and interact with workforces from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

    Technology like Virtual Reality makes it easier to bridge between vision and reality by creating some specific complex shapes that convey information in a never-ever-before-seen manner. ATs deploy professional tools like AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Maya, and Rhino 3D.


    Several cities have skyscrapers and multi-storeyed buildings, and the spacing between them makes people more relaxed and happy at both work and study. The AR hence has profound effects on our thinking, productivity, and health as per the deliberations above. Be part of such a profound field by enrolling, one of the best Faculty of Architecture. The college provides all top-class infrastructure, experienced faculties, and much more that is affordable.

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    The field of engineering helps you to climb the career ladder and achieve excellence. The engineering domain consists of many disciplines like chemical, mechatronics, electronics, and civil. However, the choice depends on the subject interests of the aspirants. Civil engineering (CE) is related to the infrastructure and construction of buildings.

    Here are the reasons that make a diploma in civil engineering desirable,

    Exciting work environment

    The civil engineers’ job is not a 9-6 job, and what makes it more exciting is the work environment, which can be at an office or construction site. A civil engineer designs a project, bring it to life, and maintain it. The engineer should skilfully handle people who work under him.

    Adequate practical experience

    The internship programs offer students ample opportunities to gain practical knowledge. The interns also get paid sometimes.

    Learn the essential

    The Diploma of Engineering is a technical course that teaches exclusively essential in comparison to other undergraduate courses.

    Gain skills

    The program provides students with practical and skills-oriented training, industrial knowledge, scientific skills, mathematical skills, communication, and analytical skills.

    A plethora of postgraduate options

    The CE course offers several job opportunities in small or large firms. In case you opt for further studies, a few instances of postgraduate options in civil engineering are maritime engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and much more.

    Jobs in top private and government sectors

    The graduates have opportunities to be recruited by top companies like Ascent Consulting, European Contracting, Black Cat Engineering, Unicorn Development Constructions, Rama Group, Ralls Contracting, and also in government sectors like PWD, Railways, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Coal India Limited (CIL), Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL), National Highway Authority of India, and much more.

    High-paying salary

    The degree helps the students earn a lucrative career. Civil engineering graduates get higher salaries in comparison to other graduates.

    Instances of some majestic engineering structures of all times

    Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world with a record height of 829.8 meters, and 211 floors. It has received numerous positive acclaims from people, engineers, and architects.

    Golden Gate Bridge is one of the beautiful and longest suspension bridges in the world for almost three decades. It is a mile long bridge that connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County.

    Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States with steel-wire suspensions. Formerly known by East River Bridge has become a historic icon of New York City and is a popular tourist attraction.

    Future of civil engineering

    The future of this engineering discipline is looking bright. Now taller towers, longer tunnels and bridges, and more impressive structures are being built. It seems nothing overcomes the desire to construct things bigger and better than before. Be smart and enrol at polytechnic college. Rated the best polytechnic colleges, it offers the best and the most comprehensive Diploma in civil engineering courses that help students to become successful professionals.

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    Microbiology encompasses many disciplines like Bacteriology, Mycology, and Parasitology. Medical microbiologists recognize the micro-organisms that cause infectious diseases and discover ways to fight them.

    Read on further to know about the future career prospects of Microbiology (MY) in India.

    Microbiologists Role

    In general, these people try to control the spread of diseases by overseeing water and food supplies.

    • Food and Dairy MYcombat transmission of foodborne diseases, and preserves food from microbial damages, and it also produces cheese, wine, and yogurt.
    • Agricultural MY – checks crop health, and it also maximizes crop production and soil health.
    • Microbial ecologists – study the effect of micro-organisms on water and soil.

    Job responsibilities of Microbiologists

    The microbiologists usually perform the following duties,

    • Oversee and conducts tests on several microbiological activities.
    • Updates knowledge on testing strategies. 
    • Material analysis after relevant sterilization.
    • Protocol developments and validations for many environmental controls.
    • Sample component testing.
    • Preparing lab processes reports.

    Career Prospects

    Upon completion of the doctorate in MY in India, one can acquire jobs in the R&D sectors of significant Pharmaceutical firms.

    Today the following research opportunities are prevalent in India,

    • Formulation Research
    • Clinical Research
    • Urban Disease Control
    • New Drug Discovery

    Courses & Eligibility Criteria in India

    To pursue B.Sc. MY in India, a student should have completed their Higher Secondary with a Science major with at least 50%.

    To pursue M.Sc. MY, a graduate with B.Sc. MY is eligible to apply.

    The following are some specializations that are available for M.Sc. MY/Applied MY,

    • Hospital Management
    • Biochemistry
    • Clinical Research
    • Industrial MY
    • Bioinformatics
    • Forensic Science
    • Molecular Biology

    Top Indian Universities offering MY

    • Delhi University
    • Bharathiar University
    • Punjab University
    • Sardar Patel University
    • Osmania University

    Career Prospects for microbiologists in India

    • Agriculture– professionals study the influence of microbes in plant diseases, soil fertility, and pest control.
    • Medicine and Health care sector– experts work with analysis, prevention, and treatment of sicknesses related to microbes.
    • The professionals find their skill applications in the areas of environmental pollution control, agro chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmacy, and much more.

    Future of Microbiology in India

    India is a nation that is affected by many diseases due to multiple drug resistance mechanisms in causative bodies.

    Our country’s microbiologists are currently in the phase of understanding how the organisms acquire resistance against the drugs. Many researchers are on the path of finding new medicines for combating pathogenic bacteria. The process is about to make Indian MY the pioneers in the field.

    Many companies recruit MY graduates with scientific knowledge, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The current COVID pandemic has provided various job opportunities in the research of life-threatening micro-organisms, which results in an increased demand for microbiologists in India (and overseas too).

    India is an agricultural nation, and research expertise is needed in the areas of food & nutrition to feed people. Many government research organizations are working on crop protection methods against pathogens and climatic conditions.


    The above-curated information provides some insights into the career scope of MY in India. Our prospect lies in the hand of the future of MY. Be a part of the prospect, and enrol at College of Arts & Science to acquire a degree in Microbiology. The college offers the best and the most comprehensive Degree courses that help students to become successful professionals.

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    What is Microbiology?

    It is a branch of biology that studies microorganisms like viruses, archaea, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. The field is all about the classification, function, structure of the extremely small and tiny life-creatures. It also finds ways to exploit and control the activities of the microorganisms.

    The discovery of the microorganisms is of high significance in the development of Microbiology (MB). The famous term microbe finds its usage from the 19th century only. As time passed by, the field emerged as a specialized science and eventually made discoveries that microbe is not a single but an enormously diverse group of organisms.

    Significance of Microbiology

    Our lives have close connections with microscopic organisms. Their presence is not only on the internal and external surfaces of the human body but also in the sea, water, and air. You can see their presence in the form of food decays, diseases, and fermentation of bread and beer.

    The field helps in the production of healthcare products like insulin and antimicrobials. These microorganisms play a vital role in the Earth’s ecological system by decomposing animal and plant remains into recyclable materials for other organisms.

    Brief History of MB

    Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

    The discovery of the microscope by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek led to the development of MB. He provided brief and precise descriptions of the protozoa and bacteria with the help of his 200 times magnifiable lens of high quality.

    The microbiologist sent his findings as a series of letters to the British Royal society during the mid-16th century, and they remained as theories till the 18th century.

    Spontaneous Generation

    The field of MB did not witness any improvements after the death of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek as the microscopes were a rare phenomenon, and the interest in microorganisms did not exist. During that era, scientists held deliberations regarding the theory of spontaneous generation. It states that microbes arise from non-living matters like beef broth.

    Francesco Redi proved the theory wrong by demonstrating that maggots don’t arise from decayed meat. John Needham and Lazzaro Spallanzani contradicted the theory by displaying that the boiled broth would not give rise to microorganisms.

    Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur

    He discovered that the bacteria were the reason why wine and dairy products turn sour. Pasteur’s discovery turned the attention of scientists towards the significance of bacteria in our daily lives. They started interpreting that if bacteria could turn wine sour, it can also cause illness in human beings.

    Pasteur disputed the spontaneous generation theory by a series of swan-necked flask experiments, which stated that the tiny organisms are the reason for the occurrence of infectious diseases. Unfortunately, his attempts were not successful.

    Robert Koch

    The German Scientist proved Pasteur’s theory right by injecting pure bacilli cultures into the mice that caused anthrax in them. Today it is popularly known as Koch’s postulates, which proved that microorganisms have relations to several diseases.

    Pasteur and Koch’s period indicates the Golden Period of MB.


    The introduction of antibiotics after World War two cured many diseases like syphilis, meningitis, pneumonia, and TB. Progressions with virus discovery did not happen until the invention of the electron microscope in 1940. The discovery of viruses led to the development of vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, and polio.


    The above information outlines the history of microbiology, which depicts how the field has evolved to date. Be a part of MB by enrolling at Institutions to acquire Ph.D. Microbiology. The college offers the best and comprehensive doctorate courses that help you to become successful research or teaching professional.

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    Mathematics is the doorway to a brighter and promising career path. Do you have outstanding mathematical abilities? Then you are in high-demand in the job market. The field of math is rewarding, challenging, and at the same time, exciting.

    Why Mathematics?

    It is one of the famous fundamental sciences that deal with numbers, calculations, and studies properties, relationships, quantities, and measurements. Mathematics has become an inevitable part of our daily life. The subject has high regard amidst the student’s community. You often receive words of encouragement when you choose Maths (MS) as your career option.

    Skills Needed to Choose Math

    A Mathematical aspirant must have the following in-built skills,

    • Logical reasoning
    • Outstanding ability to solve math problems
    • Accurate thinking

    Major divisions of Mathematics

    Math has two significant classifications like

    • Applied Mathematics – comprise the application of mathematical strategies in the field of science, business, engineering, and industry.
    • Theoretical Mathematics– also termed Pure Math covers the basic concepts and structures of the subject.

    Job Areas

    The versatile subject finds its employment opportunities in mathematical modelling, cryptography, statistics, teaching, and much more. It is one of the exceptional fields where the higher you move in your study ladder, the level of logical reasoning increases.

    Courses in Math

    • B.Sc.
    • B.Sc. (Hons)
    • M.Sc.
    • B.A
    • B.Sc. Actuarial Science
    • M.Phil
    • Ph.D.

    Courses Eligibility

    The undergraduate courses are available for students upon the completion of schooling with maths as one of the main subjects. Actuarial Science requires maths, economics, and accountancy as core subjects at the higher secondary level.

    M.Sc. – requires B.Sc. or B.Sc. (Hons)

    M.Phil – needs M.Sc. in Mathematics.

    Ph.D. – M.Phil and passing in the qualifying UGC NET/ M.Sc. Mathematics.

    Careers Possibilities in MS


    • The job roles involve the analyses of statistical data like mortality and birth rates, retirement rates, and much more.
    • Actuaries devise new policies and terms for companies and people to reduce financial risks.

    Only people with a high level of mathematical abilities can succeed in this career path. The average income is around three lakhs to twenty lakhs per annum that varies according to the organization and experience.


    There are two types of mathematicians – theoretical and applied.

    • Applied Mathematician – use mathematical concepts to solve complex problems in Scientific, Economics, and Engineering realms.
    • Theoretical Mathematician – try to develop new Mathematical principles and discover new improvisations to the existing ones.

    The salary for the Mathematicians is around three lakhs to eight lakhs per annum that differs according to the industry and experience.


    • They collect, decode, assess numerical inputs, and apply related theories to derive valuable information.
    • For instance, they study the level of acceptance and safety features of products before the product launch.

    The salary for the Statistician is around two lakhs to ten lakhs per annum that varies according to the organization and experience.

    Apart from the above, you can land in the job roles of MS Professor, Cost Estimator, Computer System Analyst, Operation Research Analyst, Software Engineers, and much more.


    The courses and career opportunities for Mathematics are brighter and are always on up-hill. Be a part of the exciting career by enrolling at Institutions to acquire a degree in M.Phil Maths. The college offers the most comprehensive courses that enable you to become a successful professional.



    A career in Catering can provide excellent opportunities, whether it is traveling all around the world, working as a chef, or working in top restaurants and hotels. It can be hard to choose one from the possible careers available. That’s why you should choose the Hindustan College of Arts and Science. It is one of the Best Arts and Science Colleges in Coimbatore. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Catering Science & Hotel Management.

    Reasons why Catering is Important:


    As a Caterer, Catering Industry allows you to utilize your creative mind. It will help you to find your skills whenever you cook a dish. It leads to advancement in the culinary industry. The purpose of creativity is to increase the quality and recognition of the firm. You will be able to strive hard in the Culinary Industry if you are creative enough. It would be a great opportunity to showcase your talent with your creativity. In this way, you will be able to improvise your cooking skills and satisfy the customers.


    In the dynamic nature of the Hospitality Industry, the opportunities are limitless. You get a lot of job opportunities in areas such as event management, cruise companies, travel agencies, hotel development, and constructions, etc. To succeed in these fields, you need to understand the importance of the culinary and hospitality industry. The Hospitality Industry has a great future because you can be placed anywhere around the world if you are keen on traveling and gaining hands-on experience.

    Career Path

    Studying one of the Best Arts and Science Colleges in Coimbatore can help you build up your career ladder in the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Pursuing a degree in Catering Science & Hotel Management will give you the necessary skills to prepare you in the field of Culinary and Hospitality Industry by ensuring what habits to be known to reach the food on the table to the customers in a sanitary way. With a Hospitality Degree, you can work in the following fields like Housekeeping, Front Office, Cruise Line, IT job in Hospitality Sector, Travel Sector, Food & Beverage, etc.


    Multi-tasking skills help you become efficient and provide satisfaction to the customers. Whether in a restaurant or an event, a caterer should have patience and skill to delegate work, finish the task on time, able to perform their duty to ensure that the customers are satisfied. For example, kitchen workers must multi-task to help other cooks by also sustaining their own productivity.

    Variety of Jobs

    With a broad range of specializations in the field of Culinary and Hospitality, students get the opportunity to work in domestic and global environments. Most of the job positions offer you a career path that provides plenty of growth and advancements for candidates. If you want to be an Event Manager, you will be handling clients to fulfill their requirements by organizing an event.

    If you love cooking, helping with managing an event, traveling all around the world by gaining hands-on experience with your culinary skills, you can pursue a Catering degree. Get in touch with us to learn more about our institution.

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    If you love to explore mysteries of the space, then Aeronautical Engineering (AE) should be your choice. The engineers have the privilege to work in research organizations like NASA and ISRO. Besides, they can apply for vacancies in Mechanical engineering.

    The Aeronautical Engineers’(AER) role is vital in contemporary society, where technological advancements happen frequently. The course aligns with these advancements making it the most demanding and challenging for the millennial. The students who pursue an undergraduate degree obtain the necessary technical skills much needed for a job.

    The following deliberation focuses on the benefits of pursuing an Aeronautical Degree.

    Job Market for an AER


    The Indian market has immense scope for employment for AERs. There are a plethora of job opportunities in both government and private sectors. On completion of the course, you can acquire job opportunities in the areas like designing, maintenance, overhauling, and manufacturing of aircraft parts.

    Careers in Government Organizations

    The engineers have job opportunities in government organizations like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (ISRO), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO), Civil Aviation Department, and Air India.

    DRDO conducts GATE exams every year to select eligible AERs. The public sector labs recruit AERs as a Graduate Engineer Trainee.

    Careers in Private Organizations

    Companies like Cap Gemini, GE, Airbus, GE, Honeywell Aerospace, Rolls Royce, Tata Motors, Altran India, Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd, and Mahindra Aerospace recruit AERs.

    Numerous commercial airlines like Indigo, Spice jet, Air India, and Indian Airlines recruit AERs.The field is emerging, and the number of start-ups is increasing day by day. Depending on your specialization and interests, you can choose the core areas like manufacturing, designing, maintenance, and repair.

    Top recruiting Organizations and Agencies

    A track record of good academics and soft skill proficiency help earn a challenging and highly paid career in AE. Aeronautical Engineers have numerous job opportunities in the Indian Air Force, Defence Ministry, Airlines, Aviation companies and, Research organizations like NASA and ISRO.

    Traveling the world

    The work location of an engineer can vary, so the possibilities to travel are endless. An AER might land up in another country to design a new aircraft. Besides, the company covers all your travel expenses so that you can travel free of cost.

    More chances for socialization

    All professions have their own set of pros and cons, and challenges, and Aeronautical Engineering is no exception. Teamwork is inevitable in the domain, whereby you get chances to work with great people of diverse language and culture. Travel makes socialization a necessity.

    Good salary package

    Engineers get an impressive salary package as per the field. The average salary of an AER is RS 5-6 lakh in India.


    The field allows you to explore the world, socialize, and work for highly reputed organizations and is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Earn a rewarding career by enrolling at HITECH, one of the best Information Technology Colleges in Coimbatore. The college offers the best and the most comprehensive Aeronautical Engineering courses that help students to become successful professionals.