Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Foil vs Rotary Shaver: What’s The Difference?

Shaving is something most men will do for the rest of their lives. If you calculate the amount of time you shave, it can last up to several months in your entire lifetime. Therefore, it is smart to search for the best electric shaver you can use and how to improve the whole process of shaving.

With this in mind, we will compare two of the most popular types of shavers – the foil shaver and the rotary shaver. But they’re not equal, there are strengths and weaknesses between the two. Let’s examine them.

Difference between Electric Shavers

Foil vs. Rotary Battle

Difference between Electric ShaversLet’s take a look at what features distinguish both foil and rotary.

Different design

The first significant difference that anyone can spot is the design of both shavers.

Foil shaver: Basically, the foil shaver has three to four blades. But there is not as much movement as the rotary shavers.

Rotary shaver: However, in contrary, the rotary shaver has three independent moving circular heads. Works best on the contours of the head faces and is very close to the skin.

Different working systems

Apart from the design, the working mechanism of the two shavers varies a lot.

Foil shaver: The foil shaver has a system that involves the metal with holes in it. The metals pull the hair towards the oscillating blades. In addition, a trimmer is sometimes involved, it also guides and lifts the hair for cutting. The blades move like a lawn mover blade.

Rotary shaver: In comparison, The rotary shaver’s system consists of three rotary heads, and these heads are usually shaped into a triangle. There are 8-10 independent directions of moving the head and the whole head is moving as well. Behind these moving heads, the cutters are rotating and remove the hair caught in the linings and slot of the head.

Difference in speed

Foil shaver: Generally, foil shavers are often fast. This is due to the vibration and speed of the cutter. It is said to Difference in speedvibrate 14,000 cycles per minute at work. Thus one doesn’t have to go to the same place again and again.

Rotary shavers¬†may appear to be fast with three moving heads, but that isn’t true. Because of this, you have to go back again and again to the same place and shave.

Different blade motion

Foil shaver: The foil shavers, there are blades behind the foil and the blades swing back and forth and cut off the hair entering the shaver.

Rotary shaver: On the other hand, rotary shavers, have blades inside the wheels. These wheels, in essence, rotate under the shaving head and cut the hair that is entered into the shaver.

Difference in technology

Foil shaver: Basically, foil shavers have sonic technology, it detects the density of your hair and adapts its power requirement needed for the shaving process.

Rotary shaver: The rotary shavers have the technology for wet and dry shaves. This allows the shavers to be dipped in for a cleaning and for the use with foam and shaving gel.


We have outlined the major differences between the two shavers. There are great choices in the best men’s back shaver manuals. In the end, you need to choose the best products and get them right.