How difficult is it to become a CA

How difficult is it to become a CA

Enrolling yourself to CA is very easy. CA teaches us the discipline, the right attitude, to reach a certain goal, and to make things simpler. The syllabus in CA course is vast, so CA is tough.

Becoming an accountant is a passion, and a goal for some. Someone who wants to become a chartered accountant dedicates their life to the benefits of professional harvesting. 

So even though CA is a hard subject one, it teaches you the good qualities of endurance, perseverance, handling with failures, and mental stability. And although this may be difficult, it sows in you the belief that I will one day be CA.

CA is no harder course than different courses like IAS, IIT, CAT, MBBA, UPSC and others.

How to enroll in CA?

One has to do CPT exam after completing 12th and registering with ICAI. One who completes the CPT exam is fully capable of offering the IPCC Group I and Group II examinations. One must get compulsorily 3 years of Internship with the IPCC group and 100 hours of IT training. One should first complete all of these, then get the CA final Group I and Group II. If you have successfully completed this, you get the authority to practice as a CA.

College of CommerceThe content of the course

CA students should read about a variety of topics. You should study general subjects like economics, mathematics, law, information technology, general management, statistics, and specialized subjects such as law and cost accounting, and also studied for more.


CA is cheaper compared to other streams. And easily accessible by all kinds of students. It is open to students of different backgrounds.

Coaching classes and Colleges

CA course is not like engineering, medicine or management courses. This is a distance learning course. No college can provide knowledge of this course. All CA students must study by themselves in this regard. No college will offer knowledge in this subject. So only a few students pass in this way. This is why many students enroll in coaching classes. The CA has several coaching classes. But these can’t be compared to colleges. These training classes are tailored to CA students.

What is required to become a CA?

CA is not difficult for anyone who is willing to invest their time and give up everything. Here we take a look at these two points. 

  • Invest your time: CA is like your boy/girlfriend. Because you need to invest more time with it, and the attention you put on it will make you happy. You need to research and plan its things to get the best dividends for CA.
  • Give up something: The strange thing about CA is that once you join it, you have to leave something. Because CA takes five years of your life completely. If you want to get the most benefits of it, be diligent.