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Cats are amusing characters, where you can find them rubbing against your face, and the very next moment, they hide inside cardboard. As a pet owner, you have to meet their terms and conditions before you snuggle them. Many people wonder as to what makes these fluffy little creatures so special.

All the animals display their happiness and well-being through different body language and behaviors, and cats are no exception.

Feline Self-GroomThe following Kitty Nook article throws insights into some signs that indicate the happiness level of your indoor fur-and-purr.

Feline Self-Groom

Healthy looking cats is an indicator that they are content. As a pet owner, you have to look into their physical and mental well-being. Have you ever noticed that the felines groom themselves? Do they clean another cat fellow in the household? These are signs for the owners that indicates the fur-and-purr are content. Are you planning to surprise your furballs? Then do visit our store that has unique gifts for cat lovers.

Appetite Level

Food is a mood stimulator not only for humans but also for your furballs. A normal healthy appetite should not be a cause of concern, but when they overeat is a clear indicator that your little ones are depressed and fighting boredom. Cats deploy food to deal with their stress. Doctors suggest that seeking professional help is vital if there is a drop in their appetite level. Pamper your little ones with our collection of luxury gifts for cat lovers.

Sleeping Patterns

Does your cat sleep for longer hours? Then it is time for a vet visit because it is a sign of their depression, whereas happy cats tend to sleep less. Is your kitten sleeping with you or its fellow mates? It denotes they are content Sleeping Patternswith the existing relationships. Surprise your cats with our exclusive collection of gifts for cat lovers available at our online store.

Napping and other Postures

Does your feline sleep with its feet tuck inwards? It indicates their sense of comfort. Straight and erect postures are warning signs, and when they shrink themselves during naps, it displays their comfy and happy feel at home. The eye dilation and forward-facing ears are other symptoms of their happiness.

Feline PurringĀ 

When a cat meows at high volume, it means they are content, and on the contrary low-pitch vocals indicate that they are frustrated or unpleasant. Scientists suggest that it is not a reliable sign because they can often purr out of contentment or bliss.

Play Time Happy Time

Experts suggest that cats’ extended playtime is a reliable indicator of their happiness. Are you planning to gift your cat owner friend? Then Kitty Nook is a perfect destination that has an exquisite collection of gifts for cat lovers.


We hope that the article covered many significant topics regarding the happiness indicators of your cats. Do you love to pamper your kitten with expensive toys? Then do check out our collection of luxury gifts for cat lovers at our online Kitty Nook store.