How do you get black stains off a toilet seat
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How do you get black stains off a toilet seat?

The level of cleanliness in any house can be evaluated and known with the level of cleanliness maintained in their toilets. An unclean toilet comes with a lot of disadvantages such as a smelly house, pests and insects, and a lot of To remove black stainunknown diseases that might creep into your feet or genitals as a result of using an unclean toilet seat.

People try their best to hide their unclean toilets by using products that help in reducing bad smell. But it is not easy to hide a big fat cat under your bags for a long time. The guests that visit your house might find it gross and disgusting.

Especially in a house with kids and elder people, stained toilets are always an issue. But regular and proper cleaning can help you keep those black toilet seat off your sight!

Yes! You don’t have to live with those disgusting stains all your life. Here are a few solutions to get rid of all sorts of stains off your toilet seat!

To remove black stain

Step no.1: pour some amount of vinegar into the toilet bowl and around the toilet seat. Let it sit for some time. Till then do some other work if you have.

Step no.2: on top of the vinegar that you had poured earlier spread some baking soda. Leave the same for another remove black stain15 minutes.

Step no.3: flush the toilet and wash it off thoroughly to make sure if the baking soda and vinegar are completely gone.

Step no.4: after you make sure that the baking soda and the vinegar are washed off completely spread some bleach onto the toilet seat and bowl.

Step no.5: after some time, scrub the toilet seat and the bowl with the use of a toilet brush for some time. While doing this make sure you cover your hands and palms with polythene or a piece of cloth. Because it can hurt your skin.

After this cleaning process makes sure to flush it thoroughly until the smell of the bleach is gone. If you have any family member that is sensitive to the smell of bleach, you better make sure there is enough ventilation in the toilet. The obnoxious chemical smell needs to go out. After you wash your toilet and the other area with bleach it is recommended you wash your legs completely before getting out, because you might or might not be allergic to this substance. According to some toilet reviews, matte black toilet seats are a very good solution.