Internet and Vietnam

Did you know that many young Vietnamese students who plan to study overseas are online? Then you wonder about the size of the digital footstep in Vietnam. A staggering 57 million social media users gather information from the Internet.

The following mạng xã hội hay article throws insights into the country’s digital activities. Read on to know more.

Population and Internet usage

Out of the 96 million population, 64 million Vietnamese population are online, which indicates a sixty-seven percent Internet entrance rate. The social media users’ entrance rate is 57%, which is nearly 21 million more in a period of eight years.

An average Vietnamese spends nearly seven hours per day that includes two and a half hours of social media activity. Did you know that 94% access the Internet and 71% watch videos daily? Therefore, it opens up opportunities for using videos as a vital digital marketing tool.

Social Media sites in Vietnam

Hence from the above facts, it is evident that most population get their news from social media networking sites like Zing Me, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Cost-effective Wi-Fi connections

The main reason for the wide usage of the Internet is the reasonable pricing of the omnipresent Wi-Fi. Vietnam people are habitual readers of both online and offline news and get their information from both sources.

Statistics for Vietnam social media views

  • 84% of the age group of 18-29 rely on the Internet for daily news. 
  • 81% of young people like to get daily news through social media, whereas people above 50 count to only 3%.
  • 66% of Vietnam people with higher incomes utilize social media to get daily news.

Popular Social Media sites in Vietnam are,

  • Facebook is the leading social media site with a vast majority of the Vietnamese youth.
  • YouTube video streaming is ubiquitous in the country.
  • Zalo is the most popular local social media platform in Vietnam.
  • FB Messenger is gaining increased click rates than email marketing in recent days.
  • Instagram is used widely by Vietnamese children to keep themselves updated on the latest trends, hobbies, and celebrities.

Popular Marketing Trends in Vietnam are,

  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing


The above-profiled article mạng xã hội hay outlines the Internet and Social media usage in Vietnam. Tophay is a company that has realized these trends to achieve success in their business. Are you ready to adapt to these emerging social media network trends to realize your dreams?