How to manage your curly hair with the beautiful looking flat twist hairstyles

How to manage your curly hair with the beautiful looking flat twist hairstyles?

Different women are gifted with different hairstyles depending upon their looks and texture. But human desire is always unsatisfied and so women also have a lot of complaints about their hair type. Women with straight hair wish that they could have curly or bouncy hair, while women with curly hair wish that they could have straight hair. Yes, it is said that straight hair is the best ground for any hairstyling and also it is possible to change the hair type but sometimes changing hair types that are from curly to straight can cost a lot of money and can also damage the hair texture. Thus, the best way is to get hairstyles such as Mastey Hair Color that can suit the curly hair type.

Method to create flat twist style

Method to create flat twist styleFor flat twist hairstyles, what you need is just a normal comb and a rat-tail comb. Later you can use various accessories such as pins or clips or elastic bands. First, it is important to know how to do the styling.

Firstly, divide two parts of hair from the forehead till the neck nape. Use a rat-tail comb to clearly part the hair into two parts on the head. Now slowly there can be many parts from these two parts as you go on doing the twists.

From the forehead, where the hair was parted, take a small section of the hair from the hairline and divide again this small section into two parts. Now keep on twisting the two parts of hair at the hairline with each other. While in the process, some hair gently has to be incorporated from the nearby hairline, and in the same way, the twist has to be continued till the back of the neck. Proper tension has to be exerted while twisting the hair so that no damage is done to the hair follicle and also the twisting is not left loose.

When the scalp is over and the hair is still long, then also twists can be continued because curly hair will hold the two hairs together and will not let them get untwisted. This part can also be secured with small clips at between if there is Various varieties that can be used for flat twist hairstylesa chance of getting the hairs untwisted.

The twists can be continued till the end and then the end part can be either secured by an elastic band or a covered hair accessory.

Now the same pattern has to be repeated for all the hair strands on the head. For a better result try having a look at the head from the top so that it can be made sure that the twists are neat and secure.

Various varieties that can be used for flat twist hairstyles

A number of styling varieties can be used to make the flat twist hairstyles look more stylish. Twisted hair in case of the children can be secured at the nape with butterfly clips and small accessories in between that are available for the kids.

In the case of adults either the twists can be left open or can be taken together to tie a tail with an elastic or a clutch clip.