How To Pick Your Perfect Mattress

How To Pick Your Perfect Mattress

Choosing the right mattress isn’t an easy task. Having two dozen options, manufacturers, certain types, and products doesn’t help, does it?

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a variety of factors – comfort, stress, room temperature – But to get it right, you need to start with the basics. Your mattress is the first stage for your sleep.

The twin xl mattress should keep your body neutral position. In it, your spine has a good curve and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment, says Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of Orthopedic and neurosurgery at UCLA Medical Center.

How to pick a new mattress?

How to pick a new mattressFortunately for you, you can figure out exactly how to choose a new mattress and the most important thing to consider. We have provided the table to contents below for you:

  • Mattress lifespan
  • Budget
  • Type and material
  • Your sleeping position
  • Sleeper’s weight

Before purchasing a mattress, these are things that need to be thoroughly researched.

Do you really need a new mattress?

Some people buy their new mattresses in a few years. Generally, after 7 or 8 years or if you are experiencing back or neck pain, your bedding is a good place to start.

Determine your budget

More money doesn’t mean better quality. If you think some of the online options are worse than the ones in the store, you are mistaken. Shops – increase prices by up to 1000%.

Here are some guidelines for you:

  1. Never go with the cheapest option you can find – this is a rule of thumb for most products you buy online.
  2. A higher price does not mean high quality.

Choose your ideal type and material

Choose your ideal type and materialMost people will go with their personal preference more than anything else. Here are the common options you will find:


This is the traditional form of mattress. One obvious pro of buying a bed with springs is that it is available very cheaply on the market. It is suitable for those who want strong support, durable, cooling and excellent bounce. It also has excellent edge support.


These mattresses are renowned for their cooling and comfort. The actual latex foam is made from white liquid available from the tree Hevea-Brasilenis. It is made of two types – naturally made and the other is synthetic polymers mixed with natural tree sap.


These beds offer the unique ability to change the sleep position according to your preference. You can also lift the head or legs that offer more options than traditional products. They help people with chronic pelvic pain.

Determine your ideal sleeping position and firmness

Most of us have a unique way of sleeping each night. So you have to choose the best type of bed according to your preference. If your mattress is soft, it can cause back pain. Sleeping on the sides can cause pain in the hip joints and shoulders.

Consider your weight as a factor

Choosing a mattress is also related to body weight. The truth is, support, hug, feel, sink, and even cooling will depend on your body weight. And another reality is that every one of us doesn’t have the ‘best’ mattress.