Should I Get My Nose Pierced?

Nose piercings have become popular among various cultures. They have become illustrious and modern in the current generation. Nose piercings are now considered much of a big deal and also as a style icon. If you are having an idea about piercing your nose, let us give you more information related to that.


Before you decide to have a nose piercing, you need to also keep some things in mind, such as the type of nose piercing you want, whether you would keep the piercing all the time or not, whether you are fit (physically) enough to get a piercing and also how much time you would invest during the healing process of the nose piercing. Well, are you aware that there are different types of nose piercing? If not, let us get into that right away!


Different nose piercing types:



The piercing is done in the space between the cartilage and the tip of your nose. It doesn’t take much time to heal, just a month or two periods of time. 



The piercing can be done either in the right or in the left nostril. Well, it does take a lot of time to heal, for about two to four months based on the healing power of the person. 



It is one of the technical piercings and, it is done through in both nostrils and the columella. To heal, it takes about four to six months, so you need to take better care. 



It is a superficial piercing done on the skin, over the middle bridge of the nose. It takes about eight to twelve weeks to heal fully. 


Vertical Nose tip:

It is done at the tip of your nose with the end on top and right under another tip of your nose. This type of piercing takes the longest time to heal as it takes within six to nine months.  


High Nostril:

It is done right above your nostrils located. For this type of piercing, it takes about four to six months to heal fully. 


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