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    What is the fastest way to level up in empires and puzzles?

    Leveling up your heroes in empires and puzzles cheats is expensive and time consuming at one point.

    There are two sections in this guide – the first will show which heroes need to be fed and why to do that, so you get it. The second part to feed your main heroes and give you more insights on how to get the tons of heroes. Primarily which training camp positions are the best to use.

    Leveling up increases the attack, defense, and health of a hero. It also gives them the opportunity to level up their special ability. It should be noted that while leveling makes a hero powerful, not that no hero can be turned into a top tier hero. A No.1 hero will always be a No.1 hero, no matter how high leveled and ascended they are.

    empires and puzzles cheats

    Player level-up is a completely different matter and is a result of world energy expenditure.

    Heroes increase their strength via the leveling and the ascending process. A hero can be leveled and upped until his power and special abilities are fully increased. The level and ascend buttons are gray when they can’t be leveled or ascended any further. Since the materials for number 4* and 5* heroes are rare and difficult to obtain, it is advisable to complete or maximize special skills before a hero’s final ascent.

    Ascension materials are obtained from desired missions, peculiar sighting, completing quests, fighting at provincial stages on the map, and fighting with the Titans. There may be odds for a top scorer against the titan and a fight with the higher level titans. Clicking on a material under the level or ascend buttons will tell you where to get the materials.

    empires and puzzles cheats

    How to level up a hero

    You are given two ways of ‘leveling up’ and ‘ascending’. They help level your hero at the bottom of the hero card.

    See the Ascension for more on the ascension process:

    • Select a hero to level and select “level up”. You will be presented with a new screen to zoom in on the XP bar.
    • Choose a hero from the list below, and add them to the line of heroes you have to sacrifice. You can see the experience for the choose heroes. Then you stand in line to add to the hero of the leveling up.
    • Now click on the “level Up” button in green, experience will be added at which point, and the chosen heroes will be removed from your inventory.