• What is Animation

    What is Animation

    The animation is a kind of art of drawing. The animation is an illusion of movement. The motion pictures called Animation. In the traditional method images painted by hand or drawn in a transparent sheet. That the images are photographing and to exhibiting in the films. Now, there are many software applications are available, and to create animated images. In the computer monitor can also be revealed. There is a lot of promotion in animation, here we can see something.

    Computer Animation:

    Computer-Generated Imagery is the primary one. Computer animation is the one part of computer-generated animation that is (CGI). 2D and 3D digital animations are making possible special effects in movies. A graphic artist uses “keyframing” method in computer animation. 2D and 3D computer animation used for stylistic reasons. Stop motion techniques are using prevalent in other methods.

    Computer Animation

    Traditional Animation:

    Most animated films used traditional animation in the 20th century. The animator draws the animation sequence in every frame. They used to draw images in a transparent paper and using a colored pencil. This type of animation process can be lengthy and costly. Nowadays, a computer using a tablet, in traditional animation. Some of the animators still using pencil and paper to draw their animation.

    3D Animation:

    Today, there is a lot of animation software in the market. This type of animation is possible in the 1990s. The computer graphics most popular since then. Powerful animation software allows lighting, crowds of people and more. 3D animation trying to achieve photo-realistic animation.

    Motion Graphics:

    It is too different from the other animation. This type of animation using in commercial purposes and promotional also. The skill of motion graphic to understand good composition and camera motion.

    Motion Graphics

    Mechanical Animation:

    Mechatronics to create machines like robotic. Robotics animation shined with 3D animation Imagineering for shows and attractions. They can sit and stand, but they can’t walk. This method is autonomatronics.

    Animation in Movies:

    In movies, the animator has the whole responsible for animating. In many ways the animator cheating to work. But, animating for movies is not an easy one. In movies the audience has no control behind the scenes look at the movie. There are certain difficulties arise the animation of the movies.

    Animation in Games:

    The animation of games different from the animation of movies. Because of those who play, they will be the complete control of the character and the camera. In the game, the player rotates the camera completely in a new angle. In the animation of games, the animator needs to ensure the character for nice smooth.


    Computer animation is interesting one of the students. You know, it is exciting too. If students attaining computer animation degree, they preparing themselves as animators. Television, Studios, designing companies are some of the fields which animators working. Today digital animation has the best place in everything.

    Animation means showing an image or an object as if it is moving. The first step is to become an animator. The above information about the animation is useful for everyone. Thank you for getting this guide.