What is Electronics?


It is a discipline of Electrical Engineering that deals with components like Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Capacitors, and resistors.

What is Communication?

It is utilizing electronics to develop devices for the modern communication system such as Mobile, Remotes, and Wi-Fi routers.

Significance of Electronics in our daily lives

Can we imagine our lives without a mobile phone, laptop, TV, Wi-Fi, internet connection, net banking, Microwave oven, Air conditioners, and several other gadgets and communication system? The answer is we cannot, and it is possible due to Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE).

The above makes the field interesting to study and work.

Interest alone is not enough to make a career choice, and one has to examine some crucial details like current demand in the market, the scope and stability of the career.

The following information provides you with the career scope and demand of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Degree,

Work Areas

The engineer can work in,

  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Aviation and Avionics
  3. Automobiles
  4. Railways
  5. Heavy equipment
  6. Security systems
  7. Telecommunication
  8. Medical Electronics.

What do you learn?


Core subjects

The Electronics and Communication Engineering students learn,

  1. Electromagnetics
  2. Electronics
  3. Electronic Circuits and Machines
  4. Signals & Systems
  5. Digital System Processing
  6. Microprocessor & Electrical system
  7. Communication System
  8. Optical system
  9. VLSI.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities classified – Hardware and Software.

Hardware jobs generally include the areas of design, research, and production.


  • It consists of designing and testing of components of products like TV and mobile.
  • The process requires high skills in Maths and Electronics.


  • The research is regarding new product development, high-speed computing, and sophisticated control systems.
  • The applicant should hold high skills in Maths, Programming languages, and Control systems.


  • The production is related to the manufacturing of electronic components and maintenance of electronic components in Power plants and Oil refineries.
  • One needs to have a basic understanding of Electronic Circuit Boards.

Software jobs generally include the area of embedded coding, Testing, and Solution Architect.

Embedded Coding

  • It is the set of commands and programs embedded in control systems like Integrated Circuits and chips.
  • Programming language knowledge and understanding of Electronics is necessary.


  • The testing process involves verifying embedded code logic in control systems and hardware functionality.
  • The knowledge requirement is similar to that of embedded coding.

Solution Architect

  • The engineer designs logic and the overall layout of the product concerning its functionality.
  • The applicant should hold high skills in Math, Logics, Programming languages, and Electronics.

Job Sectors

The Electronics and Communication Engineers have employment opportunities in Public, Private, and Government Sectors.

Public sector 

  • The engineers have opportunities in the Production areas.
  • Major companies to employ ECE graduates are BHEL, NTPC, Indian Oil, and Bharat Petroleum.
  • The salary is around 50-55K per month, and the growth rate is linear.

Government Sector

  • The engineers have opportunities in the Research and Design areas.
  • Major companies to employ ECE graduates are ISRO, DRDO, and BARC.
  • The salary is around 45-50K per month.

Private Sector

  • The engineers have opportunities to work in the Research and Development in the Automobile design industry.
  • The major recruiters are Samsung, Dell, and Honeywell for core electronics.
  • The salary is around 60-70K or 20-25K per month, which depends on the experience.


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