Why Do I Need to Use Circular Saw Guides

Why Do I Need to Use Circular Saw Guides?

In order to work on the big sheets of plywood or DIY project of plywood, you have to put a lot of effort. But, to reduce the complexities on woodworking, the circular saw guides are introduced and also helps so many carpenters to complete the task easily. Why do I need to use circular saw guides? Is it safe to use? These are the questions asked by many Do It Yourself people. If you’re one of them having this same doubt, then continue your reading of this section to get an answer.

Why do I need to use circular saw guides?

Why Do I Need to Use Circular Saw Guides

There are so many tools and guides available in these days market to process the wood. Before using the circular guides with saw, one and all carpenter shops and as well as homeowners make use panel saw to accomplish the process. This is because panel saw is the amazing tool to work safely, easily and as well as quickly. Who knows, you also might use the panel saw to make a circular guides.

Likewise, there are other tools are available and then why I need to use circular guides? There are some factors that works against the panel saw, so carpenters and homeowners started to make use guides for circular saw. However, there are 2 main reasons for preventing panel saw by woodworkers, professionals, and homeowners.

Reason #1: Price

If you want to buy a basic model of penal saw, you need to spend up to $900. This is an expensive investment on the saw for DIY woodworkers.

Reason #2: Footprint

In order to use this saw, it is required dedicated footprint, so it should be just as like as stationary table saw.

These are the 2 main reasons for preventing old modeled panel saw and preferring saw guides. When you look guides for a circular saw, you will get plenty of options from small to high-end guide system. In addition to that, you know some guides even come with the circular saw, so you no need to buy the saw separately. If you already have a circular saw, then it is best to buy guides alone to save a lot of money.

Features of using circular saw guides:

Apart from that, there are so many reasons for using circular guides.

  • It is very cheap to make use guides
  • It is very easy to build and also consumes very less time to do.
  • The saw guides reduce the splintering on any one side of the cut, so you will get zero clearance.
  • You can place circular guides directly on the cut line, but it is must to place on the right line and then precede the process.
  • It features easy storage because made with super flat and as well as durable too.

These are some of the features of making circular guides and as well as reasons too. Instead of using another guide, just try this guide.