About Us

What is this site about?

We are an extremely seasoned (still in our prime!) team of friends and contacts within the mortgage and real estate worlds. We like to talk about the things which catch our attentions within these niches, and share our thought with our readers.

At it’s heart it is a blog. It is a place where educated professionals in the lending profession give insights about what is going on in the mortgage world.

Buying a home is a big financial step for most people, and the mortgage loan is a huge part of that. The process of getting a loan can be confusing and sometimes misleading.

The team at “Straight Talk About Mortgages” believes understanding your mortgage is the start of your journey to owning a home. They provide clear, honest advice to help you make smart choices with your mortgage.

They offer easy-to-understand articles, videos, and real-life stories to help you understand everything about mortgages, from down payments to hidden risks, so you can make the best decision for your future.

What will you find here?

  • The key goal is simply to help people understand the housing and mortgage market.
  • Latest Trends: Stay updated with the latest mortgage rates, market trends, and regulatory changes.
  • Tools and Calculators: Use our handy tools such to make informed decisions about your mortgage options.
  • Members of the team (or special invited guests) talk about every day things. An example might be something like “What’s the market doing today?”
  • More complex issues will be covered but in an easily understandable format. An example would be something like examining the Federal Reserve and it’s impact on the mortgage market.
  • The team finds time to delve into operational issues in an accessible way. A recent example would be a look at how new regulations are going to impact closings.
  • A particular focus is put on examining the things that worry buyers, borrowers, sellers and real estate professionals but in a way that makes it all understandable to the layperson.
  • An abiding rule it that straight talk is key – there is no room for spin here!

Why Do We Need Straight Talk in the Mortgage World?

This in many ways is “self evident” but we think it needs to be said any way:

  • The mortgage world is more confusing than it has ever been.
  • It’s never been harder to get a mortgage than it is right now.
  • The housing market is a rather treacherous place if you aren’t armed with the facts.
  • What’s going on in Washington and on Wall Street is having and will have a big impact on Main Street and people deserve to know about it.

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